Discover Wisdom. Open to Grace.

Chris’ multifaceted trainings go beyond asana classes by integrating philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana to serve students who are looking for more than a typical yoga class or training program. 

Chris serves students who are ready to live, think and be yoga through profound experiences based in authenticity and embodiment.

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Embodied Biotensegrity
Vijnana Yoga
Workshops, Retreats & Speaking Events

Embodied Biotensegrity

From parts to whole, from external to internal, from mechanical to dynamic.

Embodied Biotensegrity Training

The 40 hour Embodied Biotensegrity Training teaches you the fundamentals of biotensegrity, introduces you to the latest in fascial research and invites you to move from inside to discover new insights into the practicing and teaching of any movement anatomy and modality. In this training, we work within an overarching framework of knowledge generation. We build on the foundations of presence (a state of being alert, aware, receptive and connected), heterarchy (a system of organization where the elements are unranked) and community (we work together towards a common goal). We will enquire into biotensegrity, fascia, and yoga philosophy, and their integration into our individual bodies of knowledge, our unique teaching lives and our personal practices.

Calgary:  February 3&40 – Biotensegrity and Myofascial Yoga Workshop with Christine Wushke. Information & Registration

Vancouver: August 2018 – Embodied Biotensegrity Training at Karma Teachers (details coming soon)

Vijnana Yoga 

In the Vijnana Yoga tradition, we move and understand from inside. It is a practice that takes time and dedication to unfold in its fullness. 

 Vijnana Yoga Immersion Series Classes: Yoga for Transformation

Transform your body, mind and heart through the practice of yoga. This 4-hour class is the ultimate in guided practice, exploration of postures, and connecting to community through application of yoga philosophy to your life. It puts you in touch with your innate wisdom – the moment to moment truth that enables you to deepen and refine your yoga practice, embrace your inner light, transform your life and live authentically. (Note, 8:30-9:30am is sitting and pranayama practice, some people choose to come at 9:30am due to time constraints)

• Vancouver: Wednesdays, 8:30am-12:30pm. January 10- February 28

 Click here for details                    Click here for Registration

Vijnana Yoga Afternoon Class: Yoga for Transforming Bodies

Transform your practice to transform your body and mind. This 90 minute practice is just right for those looking for a way of finding new ease and grace on all levels. 

• Vancouver: Wednesdays, 1-2:30pm. October 4 – November 1. 
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Workshops, Retreats & Speaking Events

Fall Retreat: Friday November 10, 7pm –  Wednesday, November 17, Lunch. Wisteria Acres, Fort Langley

Information  –  Registration

Chris is available to teach and speak at conferences, yoga teacher trainings and retreats. Please contact Chris for more information.

Vijnana Yoga International Training

The Vijnana Yoga training begins by building the foundations of a deep personal practice; we ask our senses to turn inward and cultivate a way of listening, looking, sensing from inside that tunes us to subtler levels of awareness. We learn to touch the silence and stillness that is always present, but so often covered. We experience the freedom and joy of becoming part of a safe, community founded in sharing, learning and growing. We experience shifts in everyday life as the lessons on our mat unfold into our entire being. Once we have established this foundation, we begin the second stage of training: we find ourselves able to express and share the truths we discover in our practice, and the teacher within begins to emerge. From here, we build our tools for teaching and we continue to deepen our practice and inner explorations. The final stage of the training is one of continued exploration and refinement on all levels. Those who have successfully completed the personal practice, attendance and assignment requirements and who embody the Vijnana practice will be invited to partake in a final evaluation with Orit Sen Gupta and Chris in order to be granted an 800 hour Vijnana Yoga International Certification.

The 800 hour training takes place over three years. The program includes:

Two retreats a year: an annual spring retreat with Chris, (approximately two weeks long) and an annual fall retreat with Chris, or with Vijnana Yoga Founder Orit Sen Gupta
Online learning including meetings on Zoom
Establishing and maintaining a daily personal practice
Assignments including book reports, lesson plans, a didactic paper and a final assignment
Teaching practicum
Tuition will be approximately $3,000 per year. Room and board to be paid separately.

Please contact Chris to see if the training is right for you.

Update: Summer 2017

If you would like to join us and become a certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher, please send your letter of interest to by August 1st, 2017. Dates and details will be determined with the input of those interested in participating after which point successful applicants will be invited to register.

Please include in your letter:

  • Name, email address, mailing address, phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Your background practicing yoga and, if applicable, teaching
  • Why you would like to take the training
  • How committed are you to completing the three year training in its entirety
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