Lighting the Path for Embodied Wholeness

chris_bio_1Christine Morita Clancy is a dedicated yogi who honours her calling by empowering other people to live their best lives through the practice of Vijnana Yoga and the Embodied Biotensegrity movement.

She is a teacher of teachers who facilitates inward exploration in order to cultivate stillness, peace and to uncover the truths of wisdom within. Her multi-faceted trainings integrate philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana, serving students who are looking for more than a typical yoga class or training program. Chris serves students who are ready to live yoga through profound experiences based in authenticity and embodiment.

Shedding the typical teacher-student hierarchy, Chris’ collaborative, community-focused approach encourages students to explore, share wisdom and build on their experiences. Together, the community generates new knowledge while uncovering and deepening their truths.

chris_bio_2With over 25 years of yoga experience, Chris offers the biotensegrity paradigm to yoga teachers and movement professionals through her Embodied Biotensegrity Training. She is a lead trainer for Vijnana Yoga International, is a faculty member at Karma Teachers college and offers workshops and retreats both at home and abroad.

Past offerings include Year of Transformation – Yoga Mentorship Program; six years as primary faculty with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy; and guest teaching for various Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Chris is registered and certified with Vijnana Yoga International, International Yoga Teachers Association, E-RYT500, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP), South Okanagan Yoga Academy. She is a board member of the  Biotensegrity Archive.

Ready to experience embodied wholeness? Click here to see Chris’ latest trainings, retreats and more.

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