Road to Mastery

Master the art and practice of moving from within to become your best teacher and best Self.

Wednesday Mornings 

September 14 – October 12

8:30 am Sitting and Pranayama (Optional)
9:30 – 12:30 Tensegrity, Vijnana Syllabus, Asana workshops

Green Room Yoga, 2645 East Hasting, Vancouver


This 4 hour class is the ultimate in guided practice, exploration of postures and community puts you in touch with your innate wisdom and the moment to moment truth that enables you to deepen and refine your yoga practice, embrace your inner light, and live authentically. (Note, 8:30-9:30am is sitting and pranayama practice, some people choose to come at 9:30am due to time constraints)

5 week Series $240 incl.GST

 Transformations Yoga Mentorship Program

Wednesdays 8:30am-2:30pm
September 14 – October 12 2016
5 week series $350 including GST

Are you longing for something more? Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself and to make time each day for the practice of sitting, pranayama, tensegrity, asana and self study?
The Transformations mentorship program draws you deep into personal practice and community,helps you bring yoga philosophy into your self concept and daily life, and cultivates a relationship based on yoga and higher vision that calls you to allow your actions to reflect your highest Self.

The program is for anyone ready to themselves to transformation through the study and practice of yoga. Each day begins with 4 hours of practice including sitting, pranayama, and asana, followed by a short break and discussions on topics such as yoga philosophy, biotensegrity, fascia, personal practice,community, teaching and more. Those who are ready to make a long term commitment to embodying and sharing the practice can participate in the Transformations program as part of the three year teacher training with Vijnana Yoga International. Please contact Chris to see if the training is right for you.

Contact us or call Chris 604-505-3945 for more information or to be added to the wait list.


Call us at 604-505-3945

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