About Embodied Biotensegrity

Embodied Biotensegrity Training brings the biotensegrity paradigm beyond the intellect to one’s experience in the body. A synergy of theory, interoceptive practice, yoga philosophy and enquiry gives rise to a new understanding and experience of the body.


About Vijnana Yoga

Vijnana Yoga is the art and practice of moving from inside. By cultivating presence and deep inner listening, Vijnana teaches us a new way of being. We learn to relinquish our tight hold on doership, and sit in the seat of the observer.


Work with Chris

Chris’ multifaceted trainings go beyond asana classes by integrating philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana to serve students who are looking for more than a typical yoga class or training program.

Your teaching brings alive the heart of Vijnana Yoga, with attention to breath, rootedness, intent and the other principles being far more than a physical, material thing. The way you embody the teaching touches me deeply, encouraging me to overcome my fears and truly explore within. My learning overflows into the rest of my life, enriching it and my family, and I am grateful. Thank you, Chris, purveyor of love and light.


Chris Clancy is a beautiful Yin mother. Her support and guidance always directs her students to a place within that has all the answers. Chris is loving, caring, very intuitive and steeped in Yoga and its philosophy. Chris is a living example of Yoga. I am grateful for her presence in my life.

Briege Farrelly Yoga Teacher